Personal Data

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Name: Rangel Silaev Nationality: Nederlandse
Date of Birth: 05-03-2000 E-mail:
Address: Dr.Kortmannweg 21, 5804BB Venray      Site:
Phone: +31 653427123    


Education / Training

Education / Training:

From September 2014, The Royal Conservatorium the Hague - composition and piano under professor Naum Grubert.

2010-2014, YMA of the Conservatorium Tilburg, piano and composition, alongside composition and  improvisation lessons by Ad Maas.

In August 2014, 2015, and 2016, The Laus Academy Dubrovnik (Croatia, professor Naum Grubert). 2013 – 2014 Imola Piano Academy from the Italian pianists and composers. During the Summer Academies Peter de Grote Festival 2012, 2013 & 2014 under teachers from different countries. Studied under Jan Wijn, Mila Baslawskaja, Melvyn Tan, and Spektr B. masterclasses at the conservatorium Minsk, as well as the Italian pianists Andre Gallo and Irene Russo



Most Significant Competitions/Awards :

  • 2014  Winner of the International Novak piano competition in Chez Republic 2016
  • 2014  Winner of the GasTerra Award at the Peter the Great Festival 2014 in Groningen;
  • 2014 2nd place of the EPTA International piano competition in Belgium 2014;
  • 2012 2nd place of the Steinway Piano Competition 2012;
  • 2012  Winner of the Master Try-out Classic Young Masters competition at De Doelen.
  • 2012  Winner of the Princess Christina Concours competition in Maastricht
  • The Henri Hermans Award including a masterclass lesson given by a famous musician.
  • Music Centre the Netherlands Special Award for the best interpretation of a Dutch composition.
  • 2012  Winner of the Haydn String Orchestra Soloists Award at the Peter de Grote Festival.
  • 2009  Winner of the competition Mozart 2009

Other Competitions / Awards

  • 2014  Finalist of the International Belgium Concours Imagine 2014, in Brussels. Special prize from the Roland Centre - Europe
  • 2014  Finalist of the Flemish finale of the International Belgium Concours Imagine 2014 in Antwerpen;
  • 2013   Semifinalist of  the Young Pianist Foundation Competition;               
  • 2012   Winner in the music category -“Beat the Best”  (the world’s best acts) for John the Mol Productions on 15.09.12
  • 2012   2nd place of the competition Friends Culture Prize - Tilburg, the Netherlands;
  • 2011   2nd  place of the Princess Christina Concours competition 2011, in Maastricht;
  • 2010  Finalist of the Jeune Dominique Concours competition 2010 Venlo, the Netherlands;



2014 Rangel’s 2nd CD «Mirage»

2014 Single - Little Mermaid,  Rangel’s original composition, recorded In Majestic Studio in Brussels

2012 Rangel’s 1st  CD and DVD “Première”





2016 Op 09.10.2016 heeft Rangel zeer lange (bijna1 1,5 uur lang) pianorecital bij Festival van Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen gespeeld. Er werd op hetzelfde dag zeer goede recensie in de krant gepubliceerd.

2015 KRO - the Netherlands – Produced a 50 minute documentary film about Rangel starring the famous actress Katja Schuurman televised by NPO 1

2014 Rangel was a member on the jury panel, during the Festival Podium finals at the Theater de Meervaart in Amsterdam

2013 Documentary film about Rangel “Make my Dream”, this film was the winner of the films festival CampusDoc-2013,


Most important concerts:

  • 2 Performances accompanied by an orchestra, featuring Rangel’s own composition “Anthem for peace”;
  • Concert in Concert Hall De Doelen Rotterdam for 2500 people.
  • Piano recitals at Festival van Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen in Zuiddorpe and at Muziek Klassiek Gulpen
  • Performance accompanied by Neue Philharmonie Westfalen, Germany - 2nd S.Rachmaninov piano concert movement 2;
  • 4 Performances as a soloist of  Rhapsody in Blue by G.Gershwin with different orchestra’s  in Reuver, The Hague, Venlo;
  • Performance also with own compositions at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, a live webcast of this performance on Radio 4, at the Concert Hall De Doelen in Rotterdam;
  • 2 solo concerts at the Hermitage Amsterdam, 2 solo concerts at the Wereld Trade Center Rotterdam;
  • Perfomance of the 14th Mozart pianoconcert with Haydn StrijkOrkest;
  • Performance during an International concert at the Atrium The Hague and at the Russian Embassy, organized by Russian-European culture-foundation;
  • Benefit solo-concert for charity (Foundation against childhood cancer neuroblastoma) in Venray;
  • Rangel has opened The RusPrix Award with music of the Russian composer;
  • Official opening of the Piano Festival in Zutphen; then 2 concerts in Zutphen
  • New year’s Concert 2012 by the Chamber of Commerce with 2000 visitors;
  • 14 concerts with a Dutch pianist Jan Vayne;
  • Performance concert in Lochen with the Dutch pianist Wibi Soerjadi;
  • 3 performances at the Schouwburg (concert hall) Venray .. also with orchestra;
  • 3 solo-concerts of Rangel in Heiloo, also with Jan Vayne;
  • 2 (solo)-concerts of Rangel in Capelle aan Den IJssel;
  • 4 solo-concerts of Rangel in Leiden;
  • 3 concerts of Rangel in Apeldoorn;
  • 2 solo-concerts of Rangel in Wormerveer;
  • Concert by Movares Relation symposium 2016 in Utrecht for the top managers of Holland;
  • (Solo-concerts)  in Tilburg, Echt, Dordrecht, Middelburg, Oud–Beijerland, Overloon, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Cuijk, Bussum, Leusden, Rotterdam (5 concerts), Venray (each month). Ermelo (2 concerts), Barneveld, Zaandam, Wormer, Huizen, Best, Tilburg, Uden, Landgraaf, Utrecht, Boxmeer, Oirschot, Weert, Wellerlooi, Posterholt, Venray, Wittem, Groningen, Moergestel, Arnhem, Echt;
  • Performance during a concert -by Edwin Rutten; -by Ton de Leeuw festival; -by 3  Peter de Grote Festivals, including a prestigious opening as the trio of the Gas Terra concert of the Peter the Great Festival 2014, -by Orlando Festival, 3 times - World  Museum in Rotterdam, -by Amstel Festival, -by Gala concert in Venray and Rotterdam, - by  Odapart in Venray;
  • Performance for Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller in a concert tour at 3 churches, Anrhem, Rotterdam and Groningen;

       … and more  (solo)concerts and performances.


Performance abroad

  • Pianorecital in Antwerpen “Opus 4” 2017;
  • Perfomance in in Weeze, Germany,  Muziek Biennale Niederrhein 2016
  • 2 Perfomances at the Concert hall “Luka Sorkocevic” in Dubrovnik (Croatia)  in 2014 and in 2015;
  • Performance at the Rector’s Palace in Dubrovnik (Croatia)  2014;
  • Concert in ‘s-Gravenoveren (Belgium) in 2014.
  • Performance in Brussel and Antwerpen for Imagine 2014.
  • Concert in Antwerpen in 2013.
  • Performance в Como (Italie) in 2012.
  • Performance in Berlin for 3500 people in the room and for a TV show SuperTalent.


Tv- en radioprogramma’s

36 Tv- en radioprogramma’s about Rangel:

2 News tv- programs  Heart of the Netherlands, TV-program  Hour of Power on RTL5 on Vals Plat on N2; 5 op 2 on N2; Business Class of  RTL7;  Koffietijd of  RTL4; Tv-recording of German Tv-program Supertalent; Beat the Best, and other programs.

Radioprogramma’s about /with Rangel
Radioprogram at 11.06.16 with International concert of Rangel in Venray at 05.06.16
Radioprogram Concert channel at 01.05.2015  
On December 16, 2012  Performance at the Spiegelzaal (Mirror Hall) of the Amsterdam concert building a live webcast of this performance on Radio 4
Radio programs about Rangel on Omroep Venray radio station in 2012 – 2015, also live program from 28.04.12 and program at 11.06.16 of his 7 International June concert in Venray.


The Press

The Press about Rangel:

Rangel's photo on the front page of the Piano Wereld (World) magazine (December 2011 issue), the article can be read in "Jonge meesters" (Young Masters)

An Article about second place of Rangel on the International EPTA concours in the magazine Piano Wereld (January 2014).

There are 138 articles about Rangel in the different newspapers and magazines. Including big articles like De Telegraaf, tijdschrift Akkoord,  Dagblad De Limburger, Peel en Maas.


A few links to the performance and concerts:

Short video of soloconcert of Rangel by Festival Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen

Erlkönig - Shubert (Liszt Transcription),

Short video of soloconcert of Rangel by Muziek Klassiek Gulpen
Novak compositions at of the International Novak piano competition in Chez Republic 2016
Ballade No.1, op. 23 F. Chopin
Rangel’s own compostion «Hymne voor vrede» with orchestra in Overloon  ,  
Rangel’s own compostion «Hymne voor vrede» solo piano
Sonata 3 op.28  Prokofiev                                
Moments musicaux no.5 Op.16  S.Rachmaninoff
Nocturn no.2 op.15 F.Chopin / Solo concert of Rangel by Festival Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen
Funerailles Harmonies poétiques et religieuses  F.Liszt at the world trade centre Rotterdam
Sonata no.8 op.13 Pathetique L.v.Beethoven at the hermitage in Amsterdam
part1  part 2  part 3
Rhapsody at the Blue Gershwin with orchestra
Concert at the Rectors Palace in Dubrovnik (Croatia) L. van Beethoven Sonata 1 op.2
Anthem of Diepenbrock with violin
3 part of th 6 symfonie of Tsjaikovski quatre mains op.74 Allegro molto vivace
Trio for flute, cello and piano op.45 Finale presto
Festival Peter the great 2014 Ludwig v. Beethoven Trio in Es
Concert Radio live
Liebestraum  /  F.Liszt
Rachmaninoff piano concert no.2 second movement with the Neue Philharmonie Westfalen orthestra from Germany
Franz Schubert Piano quartet Rondo Concertante in F
Prelude of Rachmaninov   , Performed at the Classic Youg Masters at the concert hall De Doelen in Rotterdam
Franz Schubert  Marches Militaires with the famous pianist Melvyn Tan  
Lydische suite / Ton de Leeuw
 Own composition of Rangel Little Mermaid, Carried out at the Classic Young Masters at the concert hall De Doelen in Rotterdam

Own composition of Rangel, Performed at the concert building in Amsterdam, Spiegelzaal, live radio 4 recording
Own composition of Rangel Mirage, carried out at the Classic Young Masters at the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam
Documentary about Rangel  "Make my dream" won this year at the Campusdoc filmfestival. TV programme about Rangel with excerpts from the documentary   and the trailer of the documentary
Improvisation of Rangel with Jan Vayne

14de pianoconcert of Mozart part 1
Trailer of CD and DVD of Rangel (when he was only 11 years old)
Performance of Rangel on Beat the Best

Rangel on Beat the Best Backstage /